Blanton's Gold Edition

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Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon  Whiskey
Bottled at: Buffalo Trace Distillery 70cl / 51.5%  

Blanton's Gold is so well regarded it needs no introduction. Each bottle of the multi-award-winning Gold Edition is hand-numbered, filled and sealed. One of the finest bourbons out there.

*Due to the sporadic numbers released of this line we cannot guarantee what vintage or batch number you will receive*
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Product History

The story of Single Barrel Bourbon started with Blanton's in 1984. In the late 1940s the now-retired Master Distiller, Elmer T. Lee remembered the days when he worked under Colonel Blanton who was the President of the distillery until 1952. Colonel Blanton would handpick quality barrels from the centre cut of Warehouse H and bottle these one barrel at a time for special occasions and VIPs. Blanton's Single Barrel is Elmer T. Lee's tribute to these glory days of Colonel Blanton and in doing so he created the worlds first single barrel bourbon.