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Direct Wines - First Cask

Direct Wines - First Cask

The First Cask range was a series of single casks bottled by Direct Wines from the 1990s through to the later 2000s.

The series featured casks from numerous distilleries and were all bottled at 46%. Never widely available or publicised at the time they have since become something of a series of hidden gems with many great drams appearing in the range over the years.

Numerous examples of famous distilleries from the 1970s and 60s can be found along with some excellent more recent examples from the 1980s.

Almost all the bottlings had a significant amount of age to them and the range is rather unusual for having almost no dud releases in it. If you get a chance, try one, they make for excellent and highly drinkable drams.

Direct Wines - First Cask Whisky