About Us

The Whisky-Online story began in 1990, when Wayne and Debbie Ormerod opened Coronation Wines in Blackpool. The shop was famously tiny, earning the comparison of being the size of a squirrel’s shoebox. However, this did not deter the ambitious couple from making their mark in the world of whisky.

Realising that they needed to get creative with their offering and broaden the range as far as possible within its physical constraints, Wayne and Debbie were soon stocking a wide range of whisky miniatures. These small bottles of liquid gold quickly caught the attention of whisky enthusiasts, and soon enough, the shop was a hotspot for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

As the demand for their miniature collection grew, so did the need for a wider range of full-size bottles. And with perfect timing, this was the beginning of a golden age for whisky retail. In 1993, Black Bowmore made its game-changing entrance, followed by Macallan 18-year-old’s fine run of 1970s vintages, which were still affordable for most whisky fans. Not to mention the top-class cask strength independent bottlings from renowned names such as Douglas Laing, Signatory, and Gordon & MacPhail.

Sourcing the latest limited editions and digging up old and rare whisky bottles soon became second nature for Whisky-Online, with Wayne and Debbie always on the lookout for anything special or unusual for their customers. What had begun as a business decision quickly became a true passion for the finest old whiskies, and this passion for the liquid history of the distilling industry has helped them create a collection that is both excellent and obscure, with their only focus on the highest quality.

In 2006, Coronation Wines officially became Whisky-Online with the launch of their website, Whisky-Online.com. And a few years later, Wayne and Debbie’s son Harrison joined the family business, making Whisky-Online a truly family affair. With Harrison’s help, the range continued to grow, and the company’s collection became a remarkable library of liquid treasures.

Whisky-Online Shop

In 2006, Whisky-Online moved to their current premises on Charnley Road, catering for their every grown range. But the family’s thirst for new ventures and opportunities was far from quenched. After a long gestation period, Whisky-Online Auctions was born in 2012, putting the company front and centre of the burgeoning UK whisky auction scene. This not only allowed them to offer their customers a chance to acquire rare and sought-after bottles, but it also gave them an opportunity to connect with other whisky enthusiasts and share their passion for this beloved spirit.

Today, Whisky-Online continues to thrive and has become a well-respected name in the world of whisky. With their extensive collection of rare and collectible bottles, they have become a go-to for whisky lovers looking to add something special to their collection. And with the recent boom in the whisky market, their auction house has become a hub for buyers and sellers alike, creating a community of whisky enthusiasts from all over the world.