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News today of a truly amazing find - a one-off bottling of 1958 vintage Japanese single malt whisky from the Shirakawa distillery, which was closed and dismantled in 2003. Buckle up, because this is quite a ride. Shirakawa distillery is not a familiar name to most whisky fans - even Japanese whisky fans. The distillery was founded in the Fukushima Prefecture north of Tokyo in 1939 by Daikoku Budoshu, a subsidiary of the Takara Shuzo company, and only made Japanese single malt whisky for a brief period that began in 1951 and ended in 1969. Much of the rest of...

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Exciting news today about Japanese whisky!  Changes are afoot in the rules regarding what can be labelled Japanese whisky - and what cannot. This is in response to the previously lax system in Japan regarding goods of Japanese origin. Under the current system anything that was bottled in Japan and was whisky could be labelled as Japanese whisky - even if none of the constituent whiskies or ingredients were actually Japanese. This wasn’t a problem historically when no-one outside of the domestic market was interested in Japanese whisky but with the exploding popularity of Japanese single malts from the likes...

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