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We’re excited to tell you about the arrival of some brand new expressions of Black Bottle blended whisky - the Black Bottle Alchemy series! There's two new editions to tell you about: Black Bottle Alchemy Batch #1 Double Cask and Black Bottle Alchemy Batch #2 Island Smoke. Black Bottle is a historic blended whisky brand with roots going back to the 19th century, when the three Graham brothers took up tea blending at an Aberdeenshire merchant.  Thankfully for us, the brothers soon diversified into blending whisky as well, and Gordon Graham began producing a high quality blended Scotch assembled from local...

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Something very special today - we’re delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the new relaunch of one of Scotland’s most famous and well-loved historic blends: White Heather! Billy Walker, owner and Master Distiller at Glenallachie distillery, began his career in the whisky industry in 1971 as a blender, so the resurrection of the heritage White Heather brand is a source of great pride for him.  White Heather originally appeared in the 1950s and Aberlour’s splendid single malt whisky was the keystone malt whisky in the glory years. The original White Heather cube bottles, particularly the aged and higher-strength versions, are...

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