Pot Still Tap Whisky Decanter With Glasses

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Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottled In Scotland By: Stylish Whisky 35cl / 40%

A whimsical whisky decanter gift set made in Scotland exclusively for Whisky-Online. These hand-blown 350ml glass decanters are an ideal gift for any whisky drinker.

This stylish decanter has been handcrafted into a pot still shape, complete with a handle filled with real barley and is filled with Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky which can be dispensed using the smart tap at the base.

The decanter is mounted on a hand-made oak stand and comes in a gift box complete with two handsome whisky nip glasses.  These decanters can be easily refilled with any whisky of your choice and will bring much pleasure for many years to come.

We love this decanter's style and we know any whisky fan would be delighted to receive one as a gift. 

Dimensions & Volume
Height: Approx 290mm (base to top of stopper)
Whisky: 350ml/35cl

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peter Ainsworth
Poor Quality, plastic tap, cheap whisky

This product is not what it is sold as. It is tiny, the whisky is cheap, the tap is made of plastic and the cork falls apart when opening it.
It is worth £20.0 tops not the £80.0 + they charge.

Hi Peter, many thanks for purchasing from us, and many thanks for also taking the time to leave a review for this product.

Whilst we welcome honest reviews with open arms, I do feel that yours is a little unfair and I do not agree with some of your points, especially the miss-selling of the item.

1. The dimensions of the whole decanter and the volume of the liquid inside the decanter are clearly stated on the product page.
2. We do not advertise the whisky as 'Expensive', it is sold as a lowland, single malt, Scotch whisky, which it is.
3. With regards to the tap, if stainless steel or another metal was used for the taps they would taint the whisky over time, this is why plastic is used.
4. Regarding the cork, please contact us and we can look into this for you as this is not something we have come across before with these decanters.

Our contact details are listed on the website so we are contactable via phone and email. We encourage this as we want our customers to be satisfied with the products that they purchase from us.

Kind Regards
Whisky-Online Team

Maria Mocanu

Absolutely stunning item. I can’t explain how perfect is it as a gift for men. The most wonderful gift I bought it till now . Thank’you

Great looking, but made too thin!

Delivery was rapid, however the product itself was great looking, but made too thin, I put it down on the table where it sat for 1 week until I nudged the table very lightly, and the whole thing shattered - not waht I expected at all - perhaps for a £60 product they would have put better whisky in it, and made the actual product better.

Pot still whisky decanter

I bought this as a gift and the couple were thrilled with it, how it looks and the weight they are extremely happy with it.


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