Mozart Chocolate Coffee Cream Liqueur

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Chocolate Coffee Cream Liqueur
Bottled By: Distillery 50cl / 17%

The pre-eminent Austrian chocolate liqueur maker Mozart returns with their splendid Mozart Chocolate Coffee Cream liqueur. It goes without saying that, as long as you're a fan of coffee and chocolate, this will be delicious.

Mozart Chocolate Coffee Cream liqueur is delicious on its own over ice, but also works amazingly with a variety of coffee-based applications, so if you want to spice up your lattes, pimp your Espresso martinis or just pour generously over vanilla ice cream, you won't find anything better than this. It's also a great match for anything with vanilla, nut or Amaretto flavours.





Country Austria
Bottle Size 50cl
ABV 17%


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium brown, with dark brown reflections.

Palate: Full-bodied, bittersweet coffee-chocolate flavour with roast-intensive mocca note.

Feel: Creamy, smooth texture.

Serving Suggestions

Espresso Caramel Brownie

Ingredients For 4 drinks

8 cl Mozart Chocolate Coffee
4 cl Cream with a pinch of vanilla sugar
2 teaspoon Caramel sauce
1 teaspoon Cocoa powder

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker or any screw-top jar and stir well until the caramel and cocoa powder have been completely dissolved. Add ice cubes and mix it well. Strain the drink into the Mozart Espresso Glass.
Top with ground coffee beans.

Coffee Amaretto Hot Chocolate

Ingredients For 1 drink
5 cl Mozart Chocolate Coffee
10 cl Whole milk
1 cl Caramel sirup
1 cl Amaretto

Heat the milk, caramel syrup, and amaretto. Pour into a double-walled glass or any glass suitable for serving hot drinks. Add Mozart Chocolate Coffee and stir well.
Top with whipped cream and decorate with ground coffee beans.

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