Little Brown Dog LBD Unlimited Edition Gin

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50cl / 43%

The refreshingly honest Little Brown Dog distillery have pulled out all the stops for their Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin, with local botanicals including Beech leaves, wood sorrel and Birch sap taking centre stage for their tongue in cheek Unlimited Edition gin, their first big gin release after a raft of previous micro-batch experiments.

In these days of over-earnest hipster 'boutique' gins, it's rather splendid to see a company extract the proverbial and confess to a 'smug sense of cynicism', but this is a serious gin and we'd encourage you to check out their website, which is somehow both interesting, informative and very funny. More power to them, the overcrowded gin scene needed some dry Scottish humour.




Little Brown Dog Spirits


Unlimited Edition

Country Scotland
Bottle Size 50cl
ABV 43%


Tasting Notes

A modern dry Scottish gin. Packed full of juniper, waves of citrus, floral and woodland notes, with a hint of petrichor.

“Like sookin’ sherbet lemons, dipped in beeswax, while sitting in a scots pine forest after the rain”

“Tastes like gin, but more betterer”

Serving Suggestions

"There are none, we insist you drink this however you see fit, do what you like and let us know how you get on. We’re not going to come up with some random or unimaginative tonic/garnish combination driven by a commercial arrangement. We enjoy ours with a smug sense of cynicism."