Isle of Jura Elements | Leather Case

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Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottled by: Douglas Laing 3 x 46% / 1 x 49.6%

A briefcase containing the full set of the Isle of Jura 'Elements' series, containing earth, fire, air, water, The briefcase might be referred to as 'distressed leather'.
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EARTH: Vintage 1999 | 840 Bottlings | 70cl / 46% Vol
A rare heavily peated expression of Jura distilled in 1999. Earthy, rich and full, this whisky its strong flavours from the ancient life-giving peat used to fire the killing process. Enticing flavours of wood-smoke, pine and rich bitter chocolate.

FIRE: Vintage 1998 | 684 Bottlings | 70cl / 46% Vol
A unique Jura expression finished in a selected fired bourbon cask from Kentucky. Slumbering for all decade, the fiery, fielding spirits has won character from the wood chocolate; honey and vanilla soothe and warm the plate.

AIR: Vintage 1993 | 768 Bottlings | 70cl / 46% Vol
Our oak trees and porous oak casks are imbued with the purest air – the oxygen of life – firstly from where the Manzanilla and latterly on our Island. Following its fourteen-year slumber in our beachfront warehouses a hint of sherry and sea-spray drifts pleasingly over the plate.

WATER: Vintage 1989 | 624 Bottlings | 70cl / 49.6% Vol
Distilled with the purest water from Jura’s Loch a’ Bhaile-Mhargaidh (loch of market village – pronounced loch A’ var-I-kay) this powerful Jura expression brings legend to life. Local folklore has it that water from this source has life-prolonging and mystical health-giving properties – unsurprising that several Jura residents are reputed to have lived well into their hundreds! Sip and savour this noble spirit as crushed almonds almonds, pear and hints of marmalade gracefully flow over the plate.


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