Glengoyne 16 Year Old

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Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A nice, fruit driven example of Glengoyne where the 'finishing' process has worked quite well for a change. The idea of using Scottish oak casks was a clever and very deft one that has paid off very well. Lots of honey, cream, malt and green fruit qualities on display here. This is what the marketing guys had to say:

"Traditionally, Scotch whisky is aged, in oak casks, principally from Spain and the USA.
Some whiskies are also finished in casks which have previously been used to mature wines or other spirits, so creating a variety of wood 'finished'.

Glengoyne is the first and only distillery to use casks made from the wood of a Scottish oak tree as a 'finish'. They believe that the special 'finish' of Scottish oak has added distinct character to this unpeated malt whisky, which is now 16 years of age."