Glen Grant 1953 | 48 Year Old | Private Collection

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Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottled by: Gordon & MacPhail 70cl / 45%

A very special Glen Grant distilled in 1953 and bottled at 48 years of age in 2001 for Gordon & MacPhail's Private Collection. This is just as decadent, delicious and concentrated as it looks. One for lovers of dark, rustic old sherried drams that cling to you gums and stay till well past bedtime. Fantastic stuff and loads of fun to boot.

Imagine a smoothie concocted from buckets of prunes, dates, tobacco, rancio, liquorice, balsamico, preserved lemons, little bits of tar, aged black teas, figs, aged sherry, sultanas, old cognac and wet earth and you'd have something a little similar to this one. Brilliant and ridiculous in equal measure. The kind of whisky that Elton John would almost certainly drink, from a diamond-encrusted goblet with a massive pair of specs.