Foursquare Redoutable 14 Year Old Rum

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Single Blended Barbados Rum
Distillery Bottling 70cl / 61%

*Sold Out 17/03/21*

The first 2021 release for Foursquare distillery's Exceptional Cask Selections, Foursquare Redoutable rum is a blend of pot still and column still rums aged full term for 14 years in either ex-bourbon casks and ex-Madeira casks before the final assemblage by master distiller Richard Seale.  

The Madeira-aged component of this rum will add some deliciously sweet dried fruit elements to complement the vanilla from bourbon wood, this should be absolutely fantastic. 

Foursquare Redoutable has been bottled at an epic 61% cask strength, so treat this one with respect.






Exceptional Cask Selection XV



Country Barbados
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 61%
Pre-Owned No