Daddy Rack Small Batch Tennessee Straight Whiskey | Batch 001 DR

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Tennessee Straight Whiskey 
Bottled by Jim Beam: 70cl / 40% / 80 Proof

Daddy Rack is a Tennessee straight whiskey launched in early 2021 by Emporia Brands, and is the brainchild of Emporia's founder and industry legend James Rackham, who is depicted looking askance on the label.

As a straight Tennessee whiskey, this has been made with a high-corn mashbill and has subsequently been through the Lincoln County charcoal mellowing process, a slow filtration through maple charcoal required by law for Tennessee whiskey classification.

Daddy Rack is a small batch Tennessee whiskey, which is aged 3 years in new American oak (lightly charred and toasted) before a second maple charcoal filtration for extra smoothness before bottling.


Daddy Rack



Country America
Cask Type Charred American Oak 
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 40% / 80 Proof
Pre-Owned No

All corn sourced from local farmers; Columbia Tennessee.
80% Level 1 Corn
10% Rye
10% Malted Barley