Collecting Scotch Whisky Volume 1 | Emmanuel Dron

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Collecting Scotch Whisky Volume 1 is a complete illustrated encyclopedia on the subject, written by co-owner of the Auld Alliance whisky bar, Emmanuel Dron.

At 884 pages long, and with over 12,500 images this book is a must-have for collectors, beginners, connoisseurs and retailers.

The book contains over 2,500 bottlings from independent bottlers and official distillery bottlings with complete series and bottle dating.

The book also explores the problems of so-called "fake" bottlings and analyses these in detail. Leading on from this it also explains how to date bottles and publishes information about glass codes, Italian and US tax strips, closures and carbon dating.

An interesting section in the book contains interviews with legendary bottlers like Samaroli and Moniardino and also collectors from around the world including pictures of their collections.

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