Bowmore 10 Year Old | Tempest Batch 1

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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
For ten years these first fill Bourbon casks have lain in the vaults of Bowmore just inches from the battering waves of Loch Indaal, the result is a whisky bright summer gold in colour.

The nose is engulfed by earth smoke and a sea salt brine. A little water brings out notes of crème brulee with orange blossom and butter cream.

At first on the palate there is a surprising little burst of citrus, some lemons and orange, then comes the distinct peaty character of Islay, with a taste of the neighbouring sea.

The citrus returns at the end adding balance and complexity to the mouth feel.. The finish is long lingering yet clean. Sit back and enjoy this Bowmore Islay Tempest.