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Nc'Nean Organic Whisky | Quiet Rebels: Lorna

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Nc'Nean Organic Whisky | Huntress 2022

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Nc'Nean Organic Botanical Spirit

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Located in picturesque surroundings on the Drimnin estate on the Morvern peninsula in Scotland's western Highlands, Nc'Nean - pronounced 'nook-NEE-an' - is a tiny farm distillery designed by the late Dr. Jim Swan and founded in 2017.

Nc'Nean - the name is a contraction of Neachneohain, a famous witch in Scottish mythology - has a commitment to sustainability and green technology and is committed to 100% renewable energy including a biomass boiler burning local wood chips, the ashes from which are used to fertilise nearby fields. Even the glass for Nc'Nean's bottles is 100% recycled.

Founded: 2017
Stills: 1 Wash 1 Spirit
Capacity: 0.1 Million Litres
Water Source: Local Spring
Owners: Independent (Lewis Family & Investors)

Nc'Nean's mash is made with certified organic barley and has a longish fermentation time of 65-114 hours; the distillery's small stills make two distinct types of spirit designed for shorter and longer maturation. The distillery capacity is just 100,000 litres per year. 

In autumn of 2020 Nc'Nean released their first single malt whisky, Ainnir, bottled from a mix of ex-bourbon and red wine casks.