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Ladyburn was a single malt produced on a separate set of pot stills at Girvan Grain distillery between 1966 and 1976. Such a short lifespan has inevitably led to much curiosity surrounding the distillate and automatically promoted it fairly high in the ranks of historical interest amongst collectors. It was also occasionally labeled/bottled as Ayrshire.

There are only a handful of bottles of it in existence though thankfully it has not acquired the same ridiculous price levels yet as Killyloch or Glen Flagler. This down to the fact that casks are still very occasionally unearthed and bottled, no doubt when this anorexic trickle dries up the prices will skyrocket to nonsense levels. So if you are interested to try this fascinating and rare nugget of Scottish distilling history then now is the time.

Founded: 1966

Closed: 1976
Location: Within the Girvan Grain Distillery
Stills: 2 Wash 2 Spirit
Owners: Willian Grant & Sons

Unlike most of these short lived in house, grain add on, distilling side projects, Ladyburn is actually a fine dram, not a world class whisky but you won't find a bad example of it if dramming is your thing. There was an official 1973 27yo which was a fine dram if a little yoghurty and one dimensional. Much better was a pair of 1975s one by Signatory and the best by Wilson & Morgan, both were bottled as Ayrshire for legal reasons. Both show it to be a light spirit with very fragrant notes of herbs, varnish, subtle fruit complexities and interesting notes of bubblegum, vague waxiness, apples and flints.

Whether you are interested in this malt for collecting or dramming it is a worthwhile investigation on both counts as this is arguably the shortest lived malt distilling project in Scotland's recent history. Not to mention a fascinating drinking experience. So buy now or forever hold your peace.