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Kinclaith 1966 | 16 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice

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Like Ben Wyvis and Killyloch, Kinclaith (pronounced: kin-KLAYTH) was a malt whisky produced within the confines of a larger Grain distillery, this time Strathclyde between 1957 and 1975. There were never any official bottlings and only a handful of casks escaped the blending hall during its short life so naturally, it is incredibly rare and highly desirable by collectors. This means that the prices are high and knowledge of the spirit is low. Although the quality is certainly dubious as it was only ever intended for blending and was probably never given any special attention in terms of its production or cask selection. There have been a few bottlings of it in the past decades, notably by Gordon & MacPhail and Signatory. There will almost certainly never be any others so prices are set to rise and rise again in the future.

Founded: 1957
Closed: 1975
Location: Strathclyde Grain Distillery Complex
Owners: Long John/Whitbread.