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House of MacDuff

House of Macduff is the trading name of the Cumbrae Supply Co., an independent bottler of single malt Scotch whisky under their Golden Cask label.

Although the company has existed since the 1950s, the present owners are the Macduff family, who bought the company in 1987 and moved into bottling casks of whisky in the late 1990s after many years of making whisky novelties including their most famous product: the Guinness-certified 1cl 'World's Smallest Bottle of Whisky'.

The Golden Cask series debuted in 2002 in some style, with bottlings of Macallan, Bowmore and Highland Park in the first run. In the early days, Golden Cask bottlings were mostly 10-15 year old casks from the late 1980s or early ‘90s, but the series stepped up a gear in 2006 with the first of ten famous bottlings of top quality Port Ellen that cemented its reputation among whisky fans as one to watch.

The Golden Cask series are bottled at full cask strength without colouring or chill filtration. The range received a facelift in 2014 with a move to more contemporary packaging and has continued to release a small number of single cask bottlings each year. 

House of MacDuff