Caledonian 1976-2011 | 34 Year Old | Dead Whisky Society Single Cask 900015

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Lowland Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Bottled by: Dead Whisky Society 70cl / 54%

Edinburgh's Caledonian distillery was once the largest grain whisky producer in Scotland but fell victim to the oversupply crisis in the 1980s and was closed by owners United Distillers in 1988.  

This 1976 vintage Caledonian Lowland single grain whisky was bottled at its full natural cask strength of 54% by independent bottlers Dead Whisky Society in 2011 at 34 years of age. Dead Whisky Society, as the name suggests, specialised in bottlings of whisky from closed distilleries but are sadly now dormant themselves.

Grain whiskies are often dismissed - under the same umbrella as single malts from certain unloved distilleries -  as uninteresting or just not as good as the best single malts. We know that is far from true. When we first tried this single grain whisky we were pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh it was. We even fooled a few local customers with a blind sample and they were really keen to know what 'malt' it was!

We've all judged whiskies with our eyes but actually, it's what's in the glass that counts. 

Distillery Caledonian

The Dead Whisky Society


Dead Whisky Society

Country Scotland
Region Lowland
Distilled Year 1976
Bottling Year 2011
Age 34
Limited Edition Yes
Bottles Produced 295
Cask Number 900015
Bottle Size 70cl


Pre-Owned No