Springbank 25 Year Old Early 1990s

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Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling 70cl / 46%

A magnificent old bottle of Springbank 25-year-old Campbeltown malt whisky bottled in the early 1990s at the distillery's standard 46%. At the time, these 25-year-old Springbanks were almost always topped up with - or even diluted down to bottling strength with - considerably older whisky stocks, resulting in an incredible concentration of flavours.

As with any desirable Springbanks (ie all of them), these 1990s Springbank 25-year-olds are getting seriously hard to find now. They may not have quite the status of the legendary Local Barley bottlings from the same era, but nonetheless these 1990s 25-year-old Springbanks remain very noteworthy minor masterpieces from a golden period in the Campbeltown distillery's illustrious history.





Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Bottling Year 1990s
Age 25
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 46%