GlenWyvis GoodWill Scottish Gin

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Scottish Gin
Distillery Bottling 70cl / 40%

GoodWill gin is made by GlenWyvis, a community-owned crowdfunded distillery in Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands whose profits are shared with the local community.

Powered by renewable energy, GlenWyvis distillery's main purpose is producing GlenWyvis single malt whisky, but GoodWill gin is more than just a nice little side hustle - GlenWyvis's gin is made on a small purpose-built 400-litre gin still and is flavoured with a mix of classic gin botanicals like coriander, orris and cinnamon enhanced with exotic fruit and local botanicals including locally-harvested Hawthorn berries.






Goodwill Scottish Gin

Country Scotland
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 40%


Tasting Notes

Official Tasting Notes

Nose: Reminiscence of forest walks as the scent – guided by the Juniper – leads you through an alpine forest. Fresh blooms can be sensed as the floral bouquet prolongs the forest feel. The aromas of Mediterranean orange groves and freshly prepared lemon zest are never far away.

Clean, crisp citrus fruits is at first refreshing, and then gives way to a deeper complexity. It is now that the rich spice of orris root, coriander and cinnamon come through in the full, whilst smooth creamy almond helps to create a fine balanced taste.

Lastly, the tongue enjoys the satisfying citrus and spice sizzle. While, at the back of the palate, there is a creamy ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ sensation to enjoy. Throughout, this complex combination remains smooth, clean, and fresh.

Serving Suggestions

On the Rocks: Cooling over ice encourages the refreshing nature of GoodWill’s zesty fruit character.

With Tonic: Serve with any fine Tonic and simply let GoodWill Gin do its own thing.

Perfect Serve:
25ml of GoodWill Gin
25ml of Tonic Several cubes of ice
Garnish with: Toasted Orange Peel to encourage the citrus botanicals and also Bruised Coriander to bring out the spice side.

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