Bathtub Gin

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Gin 70cl / 43.3%

The multi-award-winning Bathtub gin is produced in small batches due to the time it takes to produce.

Firstly, copper pot-distilled gin is made with juniper, coriander and other fragrant botanicals. A portion of this gin is then removed and infused with 6 other botanicals. 

This second infusion allows the fresh botanical flavours that are too delicate to survive traditional distillation to shine through.

Tasting Notes & Serving Suggestion

Nose: Fresh and bold juniper leads the way with fragrant citrus and cardamom. Notes of fresh orange peel and cinnamon add to an enticing nose.
Taste: Juniper again leads, but there’s plenty more besides. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy whilst the cloves, coriander and cardamom offer depth.
Finish: Here the supporting botanicals really shine with lingering cardamom and orange peel on the tail.

Bathtub Gin tastes great with premium tonic and a wedge of orange.

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