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Glen Flagler (glen FLAG-ler) and Killyloch (kil-ee-LOK) were two single malts produced between 1965 and 1985 at the Moffat Grain distillery in the Lowlands. Little is known about them as almost all existing casks went into blends. Of the two Killyloch is the rarest, some casks existed to age after the stills were dismantled and notable bottlings have been done by Gordon & MacPhail and Signatory but they are now ridiculously expensive and are more collector's items than for drinkers. There have been several malts produced like this in Scotland and the majority of them were short-lived for a reason. It is unlikely they were produced with much care or attention to quality beyond suitability for mass blending.

Founded: 1965
Stills Removed: 1985
Location: Moffat Grain Distillery Complex
Stills: 2 Wash 2 Spirit (1 set for each distillate)
Owners: Inver House

The Glen Flagler malt is more common by comparison as some official bottlings were done of this one during the distillery’s lifetime but the drinking quality is not well renowned, they were thin malts with little fruit character and too many musty notes. However, the bottlings were beautifully packaged and are now among some of the rarest official bottlings of any malt whisky in the last fifty years. More interesting for drinkers is a 19yo single cask bottled by Signatory in the late nineties for the first edition of their Silent Stills series. Again this bottling is hard to find but it is probably the most interesting to drink and ironically also probably the most affordable out of all the bottlings of either malt.