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Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds Distillery was founded by Dan Szor in 2014 in Stourton in Warwickshire, close to the borders of both Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, and is now established as one of the English malt whisky industry’s most prominent distilleries. The distillery also makes a range of award-winning gins which have become a familiar sight in UK supermarkets.

Cotswolds Distillery’s first single malt whisky was launched in 2017, and today a number of experimental spirits and liqueurs are produced including rum and rye whiskey. The distillery runs two pairs of pot stills to make their whisky, with a pair of Holstein pot and column hybrid stills to produce their gin, and today Cotswolds is England’s largest single malt whisky distillery with a capacity around 500,000 litres per year.