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Ben Wyvis

Ben Wyvis (pronounced: ben WIV-is) was a single malt produced at the Invergordon Grain Distillery between 1965 and 1976. Like other short-lived internal malt projects (ie: Killyloch and Glen Flagler) it was short-lived for a reason. It was a malt designed solely for blending and as a result, there was little effort put into giving it too much character or individuality.

The majority of casks of Ben Wyvis went to the blending halls, so it is understandably very rare and highly sought after by collectors. There were a handful of bottlings by Signatory and a few more by Whyte & Mackay when they discovered they owned some casks, but the last of these appeared in 2002 and no Ben Wyvis has been bottled by anyone since. There have also been occasional one-off bottles auctioned for charity. It is unlikely there will ever be any more bottlings of Ben Wyvis so prices are set to go nowhere but up in the coming years.

Founded: 1965
Closed: 1976
Stills: 1 Wash 1 Spirit
Housed in the Invergordon Grain Distillery complex.
Owners: Invergordon Distillers.

Ben Wyvis