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Auchroisk 2010-2024 | 13 Year Old Signatory Vintage 100 Proof Edition 12

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Auchroisk 2008-2023 | 15 Year Old Infrequent Flyers | Single Cask 804238

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Auchroisk 16 Year Old The Manager's Dram | 2015 Release

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Auchroisk 2007-2023 | 15 Year Old | Springtime Dew Single Cask

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Auchroisk 2012-2023 | 10 Year Old | Provenance Single Cask DL17318

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Auchroisk Bourbon Finish | Murray McDavid Cask Craft

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Auchroisk 1996-2022 | 26 Year Old Signatory Vintage Cask 1

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Auchroisk 2009-2022 | 13 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice Côte Rôtie Wood Finish

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Auchroisk 2006-2021 | 15 Year Old Infrequent Flyers

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Auchroisk 21 Year Old | Darkness

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Auchroisk 1996-2014 | Connoisseurs Choice

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Auchroisk distillery (pronounced: oh-THRUSK) whisky is another of the little-known blending monsters that Diageo built in the early-mid seventies to meet a massive anticipated demand for whisky that never really arrived. Although bottled intermittently as a single malt it is difficult to say too much about Auchroisk. What’s certain is that is was constructed with modernity in mind, so it has always produced a sweetish, quite balanced, consistent and modern style of whisky. It is also, unlike several other of the quiet monoliths, often a fairly tasty dram.

Auchroisk Distillery

Founded: 1974
Stills: 4 Wash 4 Spirit
Water Source: Dorie’s Well and Mulben Burn
Capacity: 5.9 Million Litres
Owners: Diageo

1974-Present: A Quiet Giant.

Auchroisk was bottled under ‘The Singleton’ label by Diageo for a couple of decades before it was put out as a 10-year-old in the Flora and Fauna range. Both bottlings were perfectly drinkable with some very pleasant herbaceous qualities and spicy notes, both of which seem to be Auchroisk hallmarks. There are also a smattering of independent expressions at a variety of ages.

When young, Auchroisk seems at its safest: drinkable, well balanced and often quite controlled whisky. However, at older ages it is often more fun as it usually becomes a little unusual with magnified herbal qualities, drier notes of oak and spice, muesli and porridge. It is often quite an entertaining whisky to taste at greater age, even if it is not always technically perfect. The best older examples, if you can find them, are the official special releases 20-year-old from 2010 and the 1974 28-year-old Rare Malts bottling from 2003, both show different facets of Auchroisk's slightly eccentric character and are well worth seeking out.