New MacNair's Exploration Rums from Glenallachie!

in Jul 20, 2021

We’re very much looking forward to the imminent arrival of the MacNair’s Exploration boutique rums! The MacNair’s brand is owned by Glenallachie and will be familiar to anyone who’s already tried their excellent Lum Reek blended malt whisky. Now MacNair’s are expanding into other spirits categories, and the forthcoming Exploration Rums are sure to be much in demand.

First up on the MacNair’s Exploration Rum slate is a trio of Panamanian Rums selected and blended by Glenallachie head honcho Billy Walker himself. These rums - two 7-year-olds and a 15-year-old - were all aged initially in American oak casks in Panama before being transported to Speyside, where Billy Walker blends them together and re-racks them into a mix of casks for a secondary maturation. 

After over two years in the finishing casks, the following rums have been selected and blended by Billy Walker for release as MacNair’s Exploration Rums.  All of these rums have been bottled at 46% with no added colouring or chill filtration.

MacNair’s Exploration 7-year-old Panama Rum: Finished for over two years in a mix of red wine, virgin oak and ex-bourbon casks.

MacNair’s Exploration 15-year-old Panama Rum: Finished for over two years in a mix of red wine, virgin oak and ex-bourbon casks.

MacNair’s Exploration 7-year-old Panama Rum Peated: This rum has been finished for over two years in casks that previously held - wait for it - a peated Glenallachie single malt whisky. 

This is exciting stuff - it’s been known for some time that a small percentage of Glenallachie’s current production uses heavily-peated malt but no examples of this peated Glenallachie have yet been released. 

As a big fan of both rum and peaty whisky, our Buyer Tim R has been rubbing his hands with glee about the release of MacNair’s Exploration 7-year-old Peated. Hopefully the appearance of these finishing casks means that we may soon see a peated Glenallachie on our shelves!

These limited edition MacNair’s Exploration Panama Rums should be making their debut on our site very soon, and stock will be scarce - follow us on Facebook, join our mailing list and keep an eye on our New Arrivals page if you want to be the first to know when these very special rums are available.

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