Foursquare Redoutable Coming Soon!

in Mar 11, 2021

We've been quietly ramping up our Rum section on the site with some terrific new bottlings recently. That’s set to continue with the imminent arrival of Foursquare Redoutable!

Foursquare is a technology-driven distillery with a modern ethos, built on an old sugar plantation in the south of Barbados in 1996 by the Seale family. Owner and master distiller Richard Seale has challenged the traditional rum-making orthodoxy with his adoption of different cask types for maturation and a rejection of the use of added sweeteners and colourings. This philosophy and commitment to quality has seen Foursquare win a slew of international awards and many admirers in the whisky world.

Foursquare’s Exceptional Cask Selections series are the pinnacle of the distillery’s output, with each limited edition hand-picked and approved by Richard Seale only if and when it reaches perfection.

The latest release, Foursquare Redoutable, is a molasses rum distilled in both pot stills and column stills at Foursquare distillery. Rums from both stills are blended together before ageing and are matured full term in either bourbon oak or ex-Madeira casks for 14 years before the final assemblage.  Redoutable has been bottled at its mighty cask strength of 61% without any extra colour, sugar, filtration or dilution.

It goes without saying that Foursquare Redoutable will be in high demand. Consequently, this product will be only available to our VIP Club members from 12 noon GMT on Wednesday the 17th March.
If you’re not yet a member of our VIP Club, it’s not too late to join - full details here.

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