Dalmunach Octave Duncan Taylor Announcement

in Feb 18, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll shortly be stocking our first ever Dalmunach on Whisky-Online!

Dalmunach Octave 2016 4-year-old is an independent bottling by Duncan Taylor from Chivas Brothers’ Dalmunach distillery, built on the site of the old Imperial distillery in Speyside. Dalmunach was commissioned in 2014 and is a large and beautifully-designed distillery with the capability of producing a whopping 10 million litres of spirit a year from four pairs of very large stills.

By contrast, the Dalmunach Octave bottlings from Duncan Taylor are exceptionally small scale, being finished in tiny Octave casks holding just 60-70 litres. Octaves, as the name implies, are an eighth of the size of a normal sherry butt and typically yield less than 100 bottles.

Duncan Taylor’s Octave casks are broken down and re-coopered from sherry casks, mostly Oloroso but also recently Pedro Ximenez. Duncan Taylor use each of their Octaves up to a maximum of three times for second maturations of between three and nine months.

This Dalmunach 2016 is a UK exclusive and was matured originally in a second fill ex-bourbon barrel before being decanted into a second fill Octave which had started life as an Oloroso sherry cask.  The Dalmunach remained in this second fill Octave for a further six months of finishing and yielded 99 bottles at 54.2%.

Members of our VIP Club will have exclusive access to this release, but as allocations are tiny unfortunately there won’t be enough for everyone and it is limited to 1 bottle per customer.

Dalmunach Octave 2016 will go live on the VIP Section on our site in the coming weeks, and VIP members will be contacted before our launch date with further information.

If you aren’t a VIP member yet, don’t worry - there’s still time to become one and give yourself a chance to grab a bottle.

To find out how to join our VIP Club please see here.

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