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Welsh Whisky

Wales as a nation produced a lot of whisky from the middle ages onwards but production largely died out in the 19th century due to - among other things - the prevalence of the Temperance movement in Wales at the time. The last distillery was Frongoch which was established in 1887 under the Welsh Whisky Company but which closed in 1910. There were efforts made to revive Welsh Whisky production throughout the 1990s but it wasn’t until 2004 and the founding of Penderyn Distillery that whisky production properly recommenced in Wales. The distillery set itself apart from its Scottish cousins with an adherence to mainly Bourbon and Madeira casks, bottling at younger ages and an unusual distillation technique. Some of the bottlings over the years have become particularly collectable and the whisky itself has gained favorable recognition throughout the industry.

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