New To Online Bidding?

Heres a few tips on bidding in our auction

1. Consider why you are Bidding

What is it about whisky that makes you want to buy it? Are you looking to invest or speculate, collect, or simply to drink the best stuff you can afford? All these lead to buying different styles of whisky, and the more you understand what you want out of a whisky, the more effectively you can buy it.

2. Examine the whole auction carefully before bidding

Our auctions can be extensive and diverse; be sure to look through the whole sale carefully and add anything of interest to your watchlist so you can narrow down what you want to research and bid on. Being methodical means you are far less likely to miss out on something. Remember there are also a variety of ways to organise and browse our sales to suit your preferences.

3. Do some research

Get as much information about the item you're interested in before you start bidding; read our descriptions and information carefully in advance and don't be afraid to email us for more photos or information before bidding. Check out our blogs and other websites for reviews; see what other people are saying about the whisky you are interested in and how highly (or not) it is regarded in the Whisky World. When it comes to buying old & rare whisky: knowledge is power!

4. Make notes for reference

In your account area, we provide you with the facility to make notes on the bottles you are watching along with those you're bidding on. This can be useful as a way to grade your bottles and to help you decide your bidding priorities.

5. Know your limits: decide what you're willing to pay early on

Avoid the temptation of getting into a bidding war; follow your wallet not your heart. Once you've determined what you're willing to pay for a bottle, enter your maximum bid and let our auto-bid feature bid on your behalf up to your max bid. It's easy to get emotionally caught up in the thrill of the moment and continue bidding beyond what you can afford; our auto-bid feature helps keep this under control. If your max bid is £80 and the bottle is sitting at £30, you may still only have to pay £32.50 (plus buyers' commission) provided no one else bids as the bid would only go up one increment.

See increment breakdown.

6. Consider other charges

Understand the commission charges before you bid. Every auction house charges a commission on top of the final hammer price. Also consider if you require shipping, storage or insurance. All our charges are clearly listed on our website for you to view prior to bidding:

See our charges.

7. Keep an eye on the auction deadline

Set a reminder on the auction closing date and time. When you register with us you will receive email alerts, such as outbid notices, but setting yourself a reminder will ensure you don't miss out. Please note we stop sending outbid emails at 7:30 pm the same day the auction closes. 

8. It is a legal contract to buy

Remember, when the auction closes and you are the highest bidder, it is a legal contract to buy.

9. Pay quickly

Once successful, payment is required immediately after the auction closure. During checkout, transport arrangements can be made for your winning item(s). It's worth doing this quickly to prevent storage fees that may apply. It is also hugely beneficial to us as a company as it means we can pay our sellers faster. Keeping our sellers' satisfied means we can maintain a healthy supply of excellent bottles for future sales, which is in your interest as a buyer.

10. Enjoy your whisky

Once you have received your winning item(s), whatever your reason for buying them, be sure to enjoy them; there is a lifetime of pleasure to be had in whisky and auctions are one of the most enjoyable and diverse ways to acquire new, or you could say, old whisky.