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Swedish Whisky

Swedish whisky production has grown over the past two decades largely out of the widespread Scandinavian passion for Scottish Whisky. One of the first distilleries was Mackmyra which began distilling in 2002. It makes a traditional peated and unpeated malt whisky with largely locally sourced ingredients and matures in American oak, European sherry oak and Swedish oak. Other notable additions to the Swedish whisky scene have been Box distillery and Smögen distillery in 2009. All three produce highly regarded traditional malt whiskies that closely resemble their Scottish counterparts in tradition and style. Swedish whiskies have been generally well regarded and, although still young, many releases have been highly praised and well received. The style is often towards peat with a rich, oily, smoky and medicinal character in a lot of the whiskies. They well worth trying if you’re yet to do so.

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