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Rum is a spirit distilled from sugar cane or molasses. The sugar rich juices are fermented, then distilled through either wooden or copper pot stills or column stills and the resultant distillate either aged in oak casks or bottled un-aged as white rum. The majority of the world’s Rums are made in Latin America or the Caribbean. Although numerous countries as divers as Scotland, India, New Zealand and Japan all produce their own Rums as well. Unlike Scotch Whisky or American Bourbon, Rum lacks strict legal parameters and regional definitions. As a result there are numerous Rums of dubious qualities out there amongst the many great ones which exist. The best are from classical regions such as the Caribbean islands. Many can be rich, medicinal and punchy and the lighter ones are sweeter, fruitier and more complex. Older bottlings of rum are now extremely hard to find and often highly sought after at auction. The best examples can rival the great single malts in terms of flavour, complexity and beauty.

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