Indian Whisky

India has produced whisky for a long time, although it has only recently gone through a kind of ‘quality reformation’ in terms of the style of whisky it produces. For a long time what passed for ‘Whisky’ in India would have been mass produced spirit distilled from molasses and flavoured with minimal wood aging or simply coloured to give the impression of age. In recent years there has been a renewed focus on traditional single malt production from distilleries such as Amrut and Paul John. The character of Indian Whisky is largely driven by the climate in which it matures. Usually filled into first fill bourbon barrels, it is matured in very hot warehouses which cause a great deal of evaporation and a huge concentration in the spirit. The resultant character is one of intense, almost syrupy fruitiness with layers of wood spice. The best are considered to be the Amruts, although recent peated batches from Paul John have shown an elegance and finesse that is quite remarkable. If you haven’t tried one of modern day Indian single malts before we would urge you to do so, they can be quite fantastic.

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  1. Amrut Kadhambam Indian Whisky

    £66.50 £55.42
    • Strength 50%
    • Region India
    • Bottle Size 70cl
  2. Paul John Edited | Indian Whisky

    £42.50 £35.42
    • Strength 46% vol
    • Region India
    • Bottle Size 70cl