Liqueurs are spirits which have been macerated or mixed with other flavours and ingredients. Some are created using well known, mature base spirits such as brandy - in the case of Grand Marnier - or Whisky - in the case of Drambuie and most other Scottish liqueurs. Most liqueurs are very sweet and syrupy in texture. They are designed as ideal digestifs to be served with dessert or cheese courses after a meal. They can also be mixed well and form integral parts of numerous cocktails. Some old bottlings of liqueurs are particularly sought after and command high prices due to the nature of their production and their history. Herbal liqueurs such as Chartreuse and Benedictine are produced with a vast and complex recipe of herbs, spices and roots. The nature of their production means that they develop extra complexity in the bottle slowly over many years. The same can also be said for older bottles of Drambuie which often featured a large proportion of Talisker single malt in the mix and older bottlings can evolve to become drier and much spicier over decades in the bottle. Many liqueurs are relatively simplistic drinks but the very best are magnificent liquids; the product of real skill and craft.

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  1. King's Ginger Liqueur

    £23.50 £19.58
    • Strength 41%
    • Region Holland
    • Bottle Size 50cl