Campbeltown Single Malt Sotch Whisky

This often forgotten region on the Mull of Kintyre peninsula was once one of Scotland's distilling heartlands with over 25 operational distilleries. Sadly many closed in the 1920s due to over production, depression and prohibition in the USA. Thankfully one of Scotlands great distilleries survived: Springbank. Today Springbank, new sister distillery Glengyle and neighbouring Glen Scotia produce some of Scotlands most old-style, personality rich malts. The Campbeltown style can be described as very coastal driven with farmy qualities, distinct peatiness and elegant fruit complexities. Springbank produces both the classic, lightly peated eponymous house malt, the heavily peated Longrow with its big notes of beach bonfire smoke, medicine, seashore and farmyard and Hazelburn, a triple distilled, lighter dram full of honey, nuttiness, juicy fruits and light coastal notes. Glen Scotia is a more subtle, farmy and coastal style malt and Kilkerran - the name given to malts made at Glengyle - is closer in style to Springbank with its rich waxy phenols, coastal freshness and zingy, old style fruitiness. Campbeltown may be short on distilleries but the whiskies made there are rich with character and identity all their own.

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