Glenfarclas 40 Year Old

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Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenfarclas 40yo. OB. 46%. 70cl. circa 2010.

Colour: deep mahogany

Nose: Much softer and oilier than the previous two, similar level of wood influence but it's much more balanced and delicately deployed here, feels straight away like it has benefitted from being bottled at 46%. Bags of stewed fruits, red berry compote and jam with quite a rich and elegant chocolate aroma. After a while it becomes slightly mentholated in the way that the best aged spirits often do, very attractive. The tannins on the nose in this one are much less aggressive than the other two, it even starts to develop some new fruit elements with notes of green and tropical fruits.

Palate: Rich and very sweet, quite a thick, oak laden delivery. The oak brings more of that menthol character and is very big but also very clean. I think that the oak works quite well to give the spirit some body and control. Quite raisiny, all the fruit character has become dried and concentrated and the drying oak and dark chocolate combo is well integrated, a very focused flavour profile. Opens up flavours of rancio and tobacco leaf along with a hint of something dirty but it's entertaining not distracting, on the whole it's very clean and highly polished sherry.

Finish: Big, drying, menthol and tannic finish. Quite mouthwatering and tingly. The finish is fairly long and leaves some lovely earthy, wet leaves flavours hanging around with more tobacco and old leather bound books.

Comments: Probably my favourite of the three and a fantastic fireside armchair dram. Not the easiest Glenfarclas for sure but a great example of well aged whisky and one where oak, though very prominent, has held the whole thing together very nicely.