Hazelburn Distillery

Hazelburn is a triple distilled whisky distilled at Springbank distillery since 1997. Designed to reproduce a more ‘Lowland’ style of whisky it is in fact very much a Campbeltown style malt and is a good deal heavier in style than almost any other triple distilled whisky. This is due to Springbank’s uniquely old style production methods of floor malting, very long fermentations and direct fired wash distillation.

Full Description

Hazelburn Whisky

While Hazelburn is the lightest of Springbank’s distillate being completely unpeated it is still distinctively coastal, delicately fruity and often quite gingery with a little soft oiliness. It is a flavoursome whisky that provides a unique slant on Springbank’s lighter aspects. While not as popular as Longrow or Springbank and no longer seen as a particularly exciting whisky due to the fact that it is now quite readily available, it is still very interesting to watch it age and evolve. The lastest editions at twelve years of age are showing a resinous maturity that was lacking in earlier bottlings. Like all lighter spirits it will probably age quite well and should be interesting to see if another decade reveals a mega star whisky.

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