Glen Grant Distillery

Glen Grant is one of a handful of classic Speyside distilleries that seems to just churn out glorious whisky at quite impressive prices. It has garnered such a solid reputation through the years due to an almost endless array of stunning aged examples. Glen Grant is probably among the top 10 distillates in terms of sheer aging potential and it shows in almost all the older bottlings you can find, either official or independent. It has been available as a single malt since before the second world war and it shows no sign of slowing down. This is great news for anyone interested in fruity, complex and stunningly elegant Speyside whisky.

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  1. Glen Grant 1992-2017 | 25 Year Old | The Single Malts Of Scotland 35957

    £127.50 £106.25
    • Strength 57.2%
    • Region Speyside
    • Bottle Size 70cl
  2. Glen Grant 20 Year Old | Directors Reserve

    £450.00 £375.00
    • Strength 75 proof
    • Region Speyside
    • Bottle Size 26 1/3 fl ozs