Speyside Distillery

Speyside (pronounced: SPAY-side) distillery is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland and privately owned to boot. They haven't produced any really stellar bottlings so far but that it because it is such a private and closed operation. Instead of a boutique approach involving batches and single casks they have gone with more of a 'Loch Lomond' approach to things and they bottle a variety of different brand name single malts and blends. They also produce Gin on site as well.

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Speyside Distillery

Founded: 1990

Stills: 1 Wash 1 Spirit

Water Source: Tromie River

Capacity: 500,000 Litres

Owners: Speyside Distillers Co Ltd

The house style is, fittingly enough, very typically Speyside in style. Lots of fresh vanilla, butter, soft fruits, herbs, cereals, wood and soft spice. The standard bottling of Speyside is a fine dram, very quaffable and easy going, certainly an improvement on other house names like Drumguish and Cu Dhub. Age is probably needed to further develop the stocks of this distillery, so far the majority of bottings have suffered a little from being too young. If they are smart with stock management then the future should be good for them.

  1. Speyside 1993-2015 | 21 Year Old | Old Malt Cask 12162

    £85.50 £71.25
    • Strength 50%
    • Region Speyside
    • Bottle Size 70cl