Teaninich Distillery

An old distillery by any standards, Teaninich (pronounced: TEE-ah-nin-ik) has evolved into one of Scotland's numerous quiet blending monsters. Seldom given the light of day as a malt by owners Diageo it has nevertheless served their blends loyally for decades now. However, despite this, the independents have done a decent job of unearthing a variety of fine bottlings from this quiet beast over the years.

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Teaninich Distillery

Founded: 1817 Stills: 3 Wash 3 Spirit Water Source: Dairywell Spring Capacity: 4 Million Litres Owners: Diageo

1970-Present: Complications and Dual Distillations

The owners of Teaninich saw fit to build a second distillery on the same site in 1970. This was a big add on to the original four still distillery. The new one was a six still blending beast that operated side by side with the old plant for several years. During the crisis of the 1980s the original four still distillery was closed in 1984 and the new six still 'side project' was mothballed the next year until resumption in 1991.

There are very few bottlings that predate this grand expansion. A 1957 22yo by Cadenhead's was stunning with typically old style wax, hessian, minerals and oily fruit notes. But there is little else until the early seventies.

Several bottliers produced fine drams from Teaninich that hail from the early seventies. Dewar Rattray, Berry Brothers, Douglas Laing and Samaroli all had great, fruity, well honied examples of the make at varying degrees of age and intensity. The typical characteristics are flowers, honey, mead, green fruits, tea, apples, custard and oil.

In recent years there haven't been too many great bottlings, this is almost certainly to do with the fact that Teaninich, like the majority of Speysiders, needs age to come to full bloom.

  1. Teaninich 1999-2018 | 19 Year Old | Old Malt Cask 20th Anniversary

    £82.00 £68.33
    • Strength 50%
    • Region Highland
    • Bottle Size 70cl