An Cnoc Distillery

n Cnoc (pronounced: an-NOK) from Knockdhu (pronounced: nok-DOO) is a charming distillery that for many years was a quiet operator, happy to supply the blenders with excellent quality, robust Speyside make while releasing the occasional bottling. It wasn’t until owners (since 1988) Inver House made some effort with generous and careful marketing of its An Cnoc malts that long deserved recognition was had. An Cnoc’s success goes to show what can be achieved with a great distillate and some genuine belief and efforts on behalf of the owners. It also makes you wonder what other distilleries could be capable of if their stocks and potential were taken seriously.

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  1. An Cnoc Flaughter

    £55.00 £45.83
    • Strength 46%
    • Region Speyside
    • Bottle Size 70cl