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Grain Whisky

Grain whisky is created by distilling alternative cereals such as maize, corn, wheat and rye, although occasionally barley is also used in grain production. These are distilled through column stills - tall columns with many internal compartments separated by plates which gradually separate and concentrate the higher alcohols to create a strong and relatively neutral distillate at the end. This spirit is matured in oak casks for a minimum of three years after which time it can legally be called single grain whisky. It is predominantly used in blends although there have been many bottlings of single grains over the years and it is increasingly popular amongst traditional whisky enthusiasts and independent companies source and bottle more examples. It has also begun to be promoted by official brands such as Haig Club as a lighter alternative well suited to mixing and cocktails. Grain whisky when young is light, oily and sweet with occasionally wood spiciness. At greater ages it takes on more character from the wood and becomes more tannic, richer, sweeter, oilier and gains common notes of furniture polish and various spice characteristics.

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