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English Whisky

English Whisky - much like Welsh whisky - was produced in large scale distilleries up until the late 19th century. Whereupon temperance and fashion led to there being no malt whisky produced in England until the year 2003 when St Austell Brewery began producing a Cornish single malt whisky. This was joined in 2006 by The English Whisky Co. A distillery founded by farmer James Nelstrop. This is so far the most prominent English Whisky distillery and they have released multiple bottlings to market, all varying in strength and level of peating. Many of the more mature, recent releases are garnering high praise for their character and quality. Subsequent additions to the English whisky scene have been The Adnams Brewery in 2010, The London Distillery Company in 2013 and the Lakes and Cotswolds Distilleries as of 2014. There will no doubt be others as the trend for small-scale distilling continues apace all over the UK.

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