Hermitage Café 20 Grand Champagne Cognac

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Grand Champagne Cognac
Hermitage 70cl / 42%

Hermitage Café 20 is a twenty-year-old Grande Champagne Cognac from UK bottler Hermitage, who've made a specialty of securing wonderful small batch eaux-de-vie from the greatest boutique cognac estates and bottling them for our delectation, and have been awarded a string of Gold Medals at international competitions for their trouble.

Hermitage Café 20 is a celebration of modern café culture, while also reminding us that in the 19th century heyday of cognac it was common practice to sip the best spirits accompanied by coffee and sweet treats in the fanciest European cafés and salons.

A wonderfully rich, complex but elegant 20-year-old Grande Champagne cognac from Hermitage and amazing value for money.



Country France
Appellation Grande Champagne
Age Minimum 20 Years
Limited Edition Yes
Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 42%


Tasting Notes

Official Tasting Notes

A rich, robust, dark cognac with hints of mocha, coffee, and roasted walnuts. During the 18th and 19th centuries, in London and other capitals of Europe, cognac was often enjoyed with dark coffees, sweetmeats or pastries. Hermitage Café 20 is for those who enjoy the excitement and joy of 21st century café culture.

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