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Blended Malt

A blended malt is a mix of single malt whiskies from different distilleries. This is done to create a whisky - or ‘brand’ - of a certain character and consistency that can be created at large scale. They are designed to appeal to the single malt drinker by eschewing the lighter, more spirituous grain whiskies found in standard blends. Classic examples are Sheep Dip, Rock Oyster, Big Peat, Poit Dhubh and Monkey Shoulder. They use the various differing styles of single malt whisky - peated malts from Islay or softer, fruitier malts from Speyside - to create specific flavour profiles which can be enjoyed time and again by consumers looking for a consistent brand which meets their preferred style of malt whisky. They are nothing like as prevalent as blends and historically were more often targeted domestically at UK consumers, although nowadays they are becoming more prevalent again with independent bottlers such as Douglas Laing creating several popular examples. There are many excellent and highly drinkable examples out there and our full selection can be found here.

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