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1 full first fill hogshead of tobermory 1996 - cask 438 - held in bond

Lot ID: 0918/215

One cask of tobermory single malt scotch whisky distilled 1996. originally filled on 21/06/1996 into a first fill hogshead with 238 bulk litres. this cask was regauged on 08/08/2018. the new regauged litres were found to be approximately 177 bulk litres at a strength of 53.5%. this would currently yield approximately 252 x 70cl bottles of whisky currently at 22 years old distillery: tobermory distilled: 1996 age: 22 years old cask no: 438 cask type: first fill hogshead. original filled: litres of alcohol 158.30 @ 63.4% needs doing original bulk litres 238 @ 53.5% new re-gauged: 08/08/2018 - 94.8 litres of alcohol new re-gauged 177 bulk litres current cask strength: 53.5% currently yielding approximately 252 x 70cl bottles this cask is held at deanston distillery scotland. annual storage fees currently stand at £1.05 per week and must be arranged directly with the warehouse after the sale. contact details will be given by the current cask owner. ownership of this cask is auctioned here in bond. the buyer will have ownership transferred to them once payment is processed post sale. any costs relating to removal from bond / bottling will be the responsibility of the new cask owner. once payment for this lot is received from the buyer, the money will be held by whisky online ltd and only transferred to the seller once the buyer is in full legal receipt of the cask to ensure buyer's transaction is fully protected, (payment is strictly by money transfer). non uk based owners/buyers must appoint a duty representative to act on his/her behalf for transfer of ownership. customs & excise refer to the owners as the representative’s.. please be aware of this regulation before bidding. we can assist you in getting a uk representative if required. whisky online auctions tasting notes: tobermory cask #39 colour: white wine nose: a fresh and surprisingly medicinal tobermory. lots of bandages, oatmeal, linen, ointments, sourdough and a rather taught salinity. leans towards a mineral profile with time. some notes of hessian, lamp oil and coal smoke emerge. surprisingly clean and characterful. some salty porridge notes along with lemon peel and baking soda. very good! palate: chalky minerals, white stone fruits and lemon oils at first. a rather even texture and notes of olive oil, rice crackers, oatcakes, lime zest and lychee syrup. this medicinal side comes through again in the form of throat sweets and cough medicine. a soothing, mentholated quality emerges. some hints of mouthwash, soda bread and herbal ointments.  finish: long, lemony, yeasty, earthy and slightly brittle with these mineral notes of beach pebbles, crushed sea shells, sand and mustard powder. rather powerful in fact, with a sustained, herbal aftertaste. comments: a really excellent, characterful tobermory. devoid of any of this distillery's usual problematic cardboard or overly mashy or grainy notes. this is lean, medical, muscular and well-defined. the kind of cask which is ready to bottle now and should prove a delightful and surprising dram to most drinkers. 

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