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1 full refill sherry hogshead of macallan 1994 - cask 2317 - held in bond

Lot ID: 0917/882

one cask of macallan glenlivet single malt scotch whisky, originally purchased direct from macallan by the current owners. distilled 1994. originally filled into a refill sherry hogshead. this cask was regauged on 06/07/2017. the regauged litres of alcohol were found to be approximately 186.45 bulk litres at a strength of 60.5%. this would currently yield approximately 266 x 70cl bottles of whisky at 23 years old. it seems that the impressive recent results for casks of whisky still held in bond in our previous sales has unearthed some more tantalising examples for auction. another pair of macallan 1994 ex-sherry hogsheads - intriguingly - a 1990 barrel of littlemill. to see a name as sought after as macallan come up for sale is always exciting, but a cask of whisky from a closed distillery adds an extra layer of intrigue to the sale. here are our notes for these casks based on the most recent samples drawn at the time of their last gauging. distillery: macallan distilled: 1994 age: 23 years old cask no: 2317 cask type: refill sherry hogshead original filled with 157.40 litres of alcohol re-gauged: 06/07/2017 - 186.45 bulk litres strength: 60.5% abv this cask is held in bonded warehouse no 2; scotland. annual storage must be arranged direct with the warehouse after the sale. contact details will be given by the current cask owner. ownership of this cask is auctioned here in bond. the buyer will have ownership transferred to them once payment is processed post sale. any costs relating to removal from bond / bottling will be the responsibility of the new cask owner. once payment for this lot is received from the buyer, the money will be held by whisky online ltd and only transferred to the seller once the buyer is in full legal receipt of the cask to ensure buyer's transaction is fully protected, (payment is strictly by money transfer). please note: the original certificate of ownership was lost in a fire, a new transfer of ownership has been drafted up by the current owners. any further queries please do not hesitate to ask. non uk based owners/buyers must appoint a duty representative to act on his/her behalf for transfer of ownership. customs & excise refer to the owners as the representative’s.. please be aware of this regulation before bidding. whisky online auctions tasting notes: macallan 1994. refill sherry hogshead. cask number 2317. 60.5%. colour: light amber nose: lighter, leafier and a little hotter than cask 2316. this is more towards green pepper, dried mushrooms, red fruits and notes of pollen, wild flowers, mead and dried herbs. more powerful and perhaps more singular than its sibling but not quite in the same old style vein. with time becomes more menthol and waxy giving way to some lovely green fruits. palate: juicy fruits in the form of fruit jams and cordials with some dark chocolate, mint choc chip ice cream and herbal liqueurs. cocktail bitters, caraway, rosewater and beeswax all appear. it wears its high abv surprisingly well. there is an oiliness and more overt fruitiness that betrays the fact this one is more dominated by the distillate and the cask is slightly less active than 2316. a meatiness towards the finish like beef stock. finish: long with plenty of green fruit, wet leaves, cigar boxes, cured meats and peppery notes. towards the end quite a distinctive note of orange bitters and orange peel emerges. comments: perhaps not as stellar as 2316 but this is still excellent macallan. the freshness means it could easily stand further ageing for a number of years should the purchaser choose to keep it in bond for extended maturation. however, it is already an excellent macallan and it would not be too soon to bottle it in the coming year.

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