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1 full ex bourbon barrel of littlemill 1990 - cask 918 - held in bond

Lot ID: 0917/711

one cask of littlemill single malt scotch whisky, originally purchased direct from inver house distillers by the current family owners, distilled 1990. originally filled with 203 bulk litres at  63.70% into a bourbon barrel. this cask was regauged in september 2017. the regauged litres of alcohol were found to be approximately 85 bulk litres at a strength of 50.0%. this would currently yield approximately 121 x 70cl bottles of whisky currently at 27 years old it seems that the impressive recent results for casks of whisky still held in bond in our previous sales has unearthed some more tantalising examples for auction. another pair of macallan 1994 ex-sherry hogsheads - intriguingly - a 1990 barrel of littlemill. to see a name as sought after as macallan come up for sale is always exciting, but a cask of whisky from a closed distillery adds an extra layer of intrigue to the sale. here are our notes for these casks based on the most recent samples drawn at the time of their last gauging. • distillery: lilttlemill • distilled: 1990 • age: 27 years old • cask no: 918 • cask type: ex bourbon barrel • original filled with: 203 litres at 63.70% • re-gauged september 2017- 85 bulk litres • strength: 50.0% abv this cask is held in bond. under the care of inver house distillers, scotland.  annual storage or removal must be arranged direct with the warehouse or others after the sale. contact details will be given by the current cask owner. ownership of this cask is auctioned here in bond. the buyer will have ownership transferred to them once payment is processed post sale. any costs relating to removal from bond / bottling will be the responsibility of the new cask owner. once payment for this lot is received from the buyer the money will be held by whisky online ltd and only transferred to the seller once the buyer is in full legal receipt of the cask certificate to ensure buyer's transaction is fully protected, (payment is strictly by money transfer). non uk based owners/buyers must appoint a duty representative to act on his/her behalf for transfer of ownership. customs & excise refer to the owners as the representative’s.. please be aware of this regulation before bidding. whisky online auctions tasting notes: littlemill 1990. bourbon barrel. cask number 918. remaining litres of alcohol (rla) 85. 50% abv.    colour: plain gold.   nose: at first an even balance between fresh fruits such as banana, kiwi, cider apple and pineapple, alongside touches of varnish and wood spice. the profile is immediately reminiscent and typical of other early 1990s littlemills. develops further with notes of fresh gooseberry, gorse and some grassy and wildflower qualities.    palate: surprisingly zingy at first. sharp fruit notes of tart gooseberry, citrus and a light grassiness. there is a substantial cereal aspect as well; notes of porridge oats, toast and barley sugar. the sweetness from the wood is noticeable but well integrated with the distillate. some further notes of milk chocolate, vanilla fudge and cocoa. a little more tropical fruits towards the finish.    finish: medium length. lingering butterscotch, barley sweetness and some green fruitiness.    comments: the nose was the best part of this one, although overall it is a fine and classical example of littlemill from this era. at times it is reminiscent of some of these irish single malts of similar vintage. it retains good freshness for its age and shows a lively and often delicious fruit character. the purchaser of this cask may want to consider getting this one bottled sooner rather than later as, while it may reach 30, it is already showing signs of full maturity and may not benefit particularly from further extended ageing.    

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